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February 2022 Monthly Summary

Jesus did so much preparation and formation work in me this month! I am amazed by what happens when we willingly surrender control and let him turn obedience into freedom.

Simple Pleasures

Tutoring kiddo’s new puppy!

Adventuring with my mentor

The consistency of my dad on Valentine’s Day


Among the last weeks I have with my tutoring students. How can you teach multiplication and division with split peas? I’ve been enjoying the last little bit of time with them and the last chances I have to teach before transition overcomes me.

My newly created, Traveling spice kit. Lord, deliver us from bland food 😅

Aligning the Time: How is the Latin America Trip Logistics coming?

As many of you may know, at the end of January, I allowed the Lord to take me out of my classroom teaching job in preparation for a ministry training trip to Latin America.

Several days back, I had a dream that really struck me. In the dream, I was by myself in the front row of a full sized airplane, with various other people in rows behind me. Instead of the traditional placement of the pilot’s steering area, there was instead a spacious but clear glass dome.

While I was still in the process of buckling my seatbelt, the plane shot off like a rocket directly upwards. I was clinging to my seatbelt with both hands to avoid falling backwards into the plane. At some point, the plane dipped again like a roller coaster, and I was equally clenching my seat. The plane eventually rose back high into the sky before coming to a place of stability.

After such a vivid dream, I am certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that the connections, finances, and general logistics of this trip will take off pretty much all at once. In the meantime, I am focusing on getting myself as prepared as possible (with travel immunizations, downsizing, helping my landlord find the next tenant, etc) before it’s go time.

So how have I been spending my time?

In a nutshell, listening to God, training in the prophetic, reading, sorting the logistics, and generally getting myself ready for big step up that is coming. I am reassured by Hebrews 7:24-26, and the riches of God’s grace to accomplish the impossible on my behalf. I realize how even after I find the right Apostolic network, I will need to come up some levels in how I prophesy and speak pretty quickly. Therefore, I’m focusing on intimacy with Jesus and leaning on his great grace to be my sufficiency as I stretch my muscles in preparation for that time.

That being said, there have been some themes to my weeks

  • Week #1: Week of February 1st LOTS of writing
  • Week #2: Week of February 7th Getting rid of SO MUCH stuff
  • Week #3: Week of February 14th *It was around this time that I really slowed down and let God do some internal work on my heart, and just focused on him. Slowing down, focusing on Intimacy with Jesus, receiving his vision and blueprints for this season
  • Week #4: Week of February 21st From intimacy, Quickening and Training mode. Going deeper to press into maturity, clarity in waiting, steadfast joy

Themes this Month

As I’ve spent time with him, the Lord has had me focus on 3 areas of training in preparation for departure.

  1. A LOT about deliverance ministry
  2. Language, impartation of foreign tongues (xenoglossia), and the sound of his voice across cultures
  3. Increasing quickening, clarity, and stretching capacity for personal and national prophetic words

What trip specifics have you heard from the Lord?

Based on the close tracking I’ve been doing with God, these are the details I’ve got so far about the shape of this trip.

Based on some time I spent with the Lord walking the grounds of local embassies here in DC, I think it is most likely my trip will start in Brazil.

Interested in learning more about the purposes of this trip? Check out the Documents Below!

CLICK HERE to give to my Latin America Trip on GoFundMe

Cleaning House

This month, I’ve exerted a truly colossal amount of effort in downsizing.

I cannot begin to tell you how many household items I’ve given away to new homes this month.

The Lord directed me to first start by gathering the things that I definitely want to keep. Of all the objects I’ve gathered over the years, I’ve decided to just keep these elements for decoration and sentimental value. All in all, they fit into a small carry on size piece of luggage. Everything else (including notes from students and friends) I shipped to my dad for storage.

Some but not all of the items include:

  • A teddy bear I made when I was 9
  • About 5 truly phenomenal history books
  • My traveling spice kit
  • My hammock
  • A mosaic frame I made
  • My marble collection
  • My shell collection
  • My rock collection (sensing a theme? lol)
  • A book of Kansas landscapes to visually explain where I’m from to people

Personal items

Taking early to Glasgow

In about 2 weeks, I will be in Glasgow Scotland again for a week of in depth training in Deliverance Ministry. Since I plan to attend the University of Edinburgh in September 2022, I’m going to leave the aforementioned personal items and a suitcase of non-essentials + winter clothes with my friend in Glasgow.

As a plus, nothing could have prepared me and my wardrobe better for the May-July humid weather of the Southern Hemisphere like living in Washington, DC. Has anyone been to DC during the summertime? It’s like you’re swimming in soup. 😅

Travel Ready

Last of all, this is the luggage that I’m hoping to bring with me as I travel. I’m leaving at least half a suitcase empty and bringing a mini collapsable carry on duffel in case I accumulate things as I go.

Staying with my Mentor in DC

Last of all, these are the things I’m leaving with my mentor here in DC: 2 suitcases containing 100+ journals I’ve written since age 9, and my guitar. I hope to swing through DC again on the way to Edinburgh so I can take my guitar with my to school. I will likely leave the equivalent of my life in my mentor’s very capable hands until there is a period of relative stability to go and fetch them. One day, these journals will be books, and I cant wait for the day I have time to scribe out (most of) everything I’ve ever thought to write down. Talk about soul searching!

Books I’m Reading

As you might imagine, I’ve needed to disconnect from technology for the sake of balance this month. Here are some excellent reads I’ve enjoyed while unplugging.

Jesus Loves Japan

I found this book going down a “Portuguese/migration” rabbit trail. It is so powerful! Specifically, it focuses on Pentecostalism within Portuguese Nikkei migrant communities in Japan, and the way communities between borders have found meaning, identity, and stability in Christ.

La Vida Sacra: Contemporary Hispanic Sacramental Theology

While reading this book has been a homework for seminary, it’s been a labor of love. One of the author’s main points is the a Latin American cosmic sacramentality (seeing the divine in everyday objects) may provide a deeper understanding of miracles. In reading this book, I realize how much my theology has been influenced by this blurred sense of the natural and supernatural (the literary equivalent would be the genre of Magic Realism that evolved out of Latin America). My lived experience readily rejects Western culture’s division of the supernatural and natural (through pagan Ancient Greek philosophy) in favor of a fluid, integrated cosmology.

Facing Leviathan: Leadership, Influence, and Creating in a Cultural Storm

Someone in my Emerging Prophets training program recommended this book, and wow wow wow is it sharp. Without bitterness or excess drama, Mark Sayers exposes several assumptions in Western models of leadership and social dynamics. I would recommend this book to anyone looking to become a bridge between the traditions of the past and the demands of the future (across contexts).

Songs Worth Sharing

^^I love this song because the syntax and rhythm actually makes sense in Spanish. It isn’t just a cover of an English song, but it was made by Hispanohablantes FOR Hispanohablantes (and thus, the rhythm and words are a fluid garment).

Prayer Requests:

For all the things on this list (and the many other bits and pieces God will add) to gel! Should be a delightful time.

Here’s to the next chapter,



Published by Haley Nus

Hello! Formerly of Kansas, and Washington, DC, I am an emerging voice in Holy Spirit-led youth ministry. This site contains emergent apostolic strategy, prophetic words, and tutorials for the interdenominational, international, and charismatic Church and Educational Sector. Check out more on my journey with 5-fold ministry, doctoral study, and travel through my Monthly Summaries. I take Jesus's invitation to welcome children in his name (Luke 9:48) and Jesus's exhortation to become like children literally (Mathew 18:3). In order to shape the world well for adults, we must serve the youngest among us so that we will truly understand who we are as sons and daughters (2 Corinthians 6:18).]

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