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April 2022 Monthly Summary


Would you believe that tomorrow, it will be my birthday?

And do you know what? Ever since I was little, I have always wanted to be 28! Something about the beauty and the symmetry of the numbers has captured my excitement to this day.

God must Fill the Gap

In this season of training, sharpening in the prophetic, and people gathering, it is so obvious that God must fill be the provider. God must pour out his grace to give me words to say, build connections, and provide financially.

Since it’s so near my birthday, this month I’m going to be a bit atrevida and invite you all to sow into what God is doing in my ministry at the beginning of this post instead of at the end. I am trusting that if I continue to walk in obedience with the steps God is calling me to make, all my material needs will be provided for. If you sense that God is calling you to invest in the work he is doing in me now, trusting that it will bear greater fruit in the future, your partnership is very welcome.

You can sow into my ministry training travels here

People Gallery: A Celebration

If 2021 taught me anything, it’s that my favorite way to remember time is through people. In this season, I’ve intentionally taken a Latin American approach to build relationally first, knowing that out of organic alignment, God can leverage these friendships for ministry later on. Over the last 6 weeks, the Lord has brought me around so many glorious friends!

These are some of my favorite moments with favorite people so far:


This time a month ago I was exploring a strong pull that I felt to visit London. The sense of pull was the same texture and tone as the sense of pull that I had in leaving DC, and was cut from the same cloth as other major decisions I’ve made, like applying for seminary for the first time. In the past, the texture of this pull has come with other confirming details, like timelines, names of people, and clarity on exactly my role when I am there. But this time, I felt that sense of pull without God having revealed the full picture.

Unlike times past, my only other major point of confirmation (to compliment that unction) was dreams. Over the period of 3-4 months, God had sent me about 10 dreams about specific details of the spiritual landscape of the city and how he wanted me to partner with him in prayer. Ultimately, I decided to ditch my reason and trust that I was hearing God rightly. As soon as I did that, God orchestrated for my friend Vera to join me and so many other divine connections to happen. This month, I spent a glorious 10 days in London, and the Father honored that risk.

Reflections from Easter

In going to London, it was my sincerest longing to find a place to spend Easter in community and because of the resurrection of Jesus, see miracles.

That day, I got to:

  • Attend a service at Catch the Fire London
  • Prophesy over people in the park with my friend Tania and her team
  • Catch a ride with some Romanian friends to My Church Windsor, meeting Dr. Sharon Stone

While I normally operate as a Seer, God stretched me mightily in April to get the majority of my revelation for others through Nabi words. It was my first time prophesying to strangers in a public setting with a prophetic team, and I was shocked by how open the people were once God began to speak through us. As I trusted God, I found that there really was no end point in terms of what he had to say. I had to be pulled away at the end because we reached the end of our timing, but wow. It was such a good learn to experience the limitless revelation of God, when you are aligned with his heart.

My favorite moment was seeing Tania prophesy over a little girl of 3 years old. At this point, we had prophesied accurately over nearly all members of the family, and Tania offered to give a word for their very social little girl. I watched as she spoke to the girl in an encouraging, playful tone about her love for TV and dancing, and how someday, God would teach her how to make TV programs for adults. The girl’s eyes got big and until we left, she told us about her favorite TV shows, shared her food with us, and kept inviting a third member of our group to play.

As someone with a background in Early Childhood Education, I was moved by how safe the girl felt with us once she had heard the Lord through Tania. Even for very social children, I have never seen that level of safety so quickly with strangers. When the parents saw how enthusiastic their daughter was, they trusted us to prophesy over their baby who was 7 months in the womb. I was humbled and honored to be given that level of trust.

From prophesying, my friend Vera and I met a small group of Romanians who invited us to carpool with them to Sharon Stone’s church in Windsor. Believe it or not, the car broke down just a few minutes from the church, and some of us walked while the others stayed behind to help. As God does, he sent along several English men who were very friendly and got the problem sorted before church even started. Due to the car break down, I was sitting in the lobby of the church on a blue couch as Sharon Stone walked through the door, greeted my friend Vera and I, and continued on in warmth and elegance. Being around her made me realize more deeply that I have latitude to still be myself even as I train and lead others. I can remain in my values of honesty, simplicity, and warmth and speak with my own voice.

On Saturday the 23rd of April, Vera and I got to attend a prophetic gathering in London with Emma Stark, Sharon Stone, Tomi Arayomi, Rob Cates, an Steve Tebb. I was able to serve on their ministry team to prophesy to others, and I had so much fun prophesying to people (in formal moments, in the bathroom, getting food, all over) that I lost count of the number of people I shared with (15-20?). Grateful for increasing freedom in God.

Honestly? God really refreshed my soul, seeing London in a time of so much beauty. I didn’t know how badly I needed that refreshing until I was there.


From London, I accompanied my friend Vera back to her home in Munich. I have been in Munich for about four days, and we are finally in some glorious weather!I have been learning so much from Vera and her mother’s heart for Germany. She has been sharpening me through her joy and directness, and I’ve needed to come up some levels to keep pace. God is using Vera to show me the strength, endurance, and faith that I will need to have in him now and in the future. As her ministry expands, I know she will be able to bless many others through the same things she’s teaching me now. I feel lucky to come and spend time with her now, before I have to share her with the world.

You may notice that I cut off a significant portion of my hair this week, and it’s so much lighter. Since I’ve been in Munich, I’ve needed to find clothes at thrift stores for upcoming travel (keep reading)…

Here are some beautiful moments in the Englischergarten earlier this week.

Next Steps: New Assignments and Traveling

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have longed to get outside of the West for some time. God has mixed together specific imagery of Asia and Latin America so much in my dreams that I know I will be returning to both areas various times in the future in a way that builds a highway between them (and other places).

After the experience of recognizing God’s pull on my life so clearly for London, I was less afraid to trust him for the next steps when I felt that pull come again.

My next destination after Munich will be Singapore! I will be sitting in as a guest at several classes from Awaken Generation Singapore on prophetic vocals and songwriting. This squares with various dreams I’ve had about open doors in Asia, worshipping Jesus in various languages, and latent gifts that the Lord has been prompting me to re-develop. I became aware of this group months back during the pandemic when my elementary school students and I used their music to worship Jesus during the pandemic. I really believe the Lord’s hand is on them to develop pure worship that influences Southeast Asia and Asia for Jesus.

After Singapore, I have been invited to Sao Paulo, Brazil, where I will be able to build relationally and help train adults and teens in the prophetic. I will be sharing more about how the Lord established this connection in next month! For now, I am just grateful. It’s been 8 years since my feet have been on Latin American soil, since my salvation experience. I feel like I’m going home. Not just that, but because the intentionally relational approach I’ve taken squares so thoroughly with a Latin American worldview, the Brazilians have intuitively resonated more than all the nationalities I’ve spoken with. It isn’t just that God’s hand is on Brazil, it’s that there is a similar orientation in our expectations of God’s ways.

In each of these territories, God is challenging me to play a different role, in response to what he is currently releasing. Here is a short table describing each of those shifts.

Revisiting What I Knew in February

I tell you, it’s been a wild few months! Back in February, I had really sensed that my journey would start with Brazil, because I knew at some point I would need to go back to Latin America for a season.

God has his own timings and his own order. I truly believe that God’s will was to bring me to multiple places in order to have me more robustly formed by the time he brought me back to Latin America.

As of February, this is the list of things I confidently felt him saying:

Of the things on this list, the relationships and network he wanted to reveal to me has already been starting to form organically. He confirmed dreams about traveling to multiple locations, and more to come. In February, I knew that worship was a significant theme on the Lord’s heart, but I didn’t realize that it was such an important facet of the learning he wanted me to receive. I tell you, from Glasgow til today, God has surrounded me with an uncanny number of worshippers for reasons that I am still unpacking.

So far, my financial provision has come from various sources, mostly prior to leaving North America. I’m expecting God to continue being himself and taking good care of me. Related to timelines of leaving DC, in February, I hadn’t yet learned to recognize the unction of God that pulls you to certain places with certainty (see the section I wrote on London earlier). I expected God to send me a special invitation to leave DC, and in reality confirmation was more like accepting that the grace had run out and trusting him to let go. I made the decision to finish getting rid of all my stuff just days before I was already scheduled to fly to Glasgow, and trusted him. He has honored the faith it took to leave and added more to it.

Another cool thing: I recently got approval from my leaders at the Global Prophetic Alliance to begin develop structure for a small group over Zoom, devoted to training teens in the prophetic. I am thrilled to return to working with youth, and after having so many dreams specifically about training teens in the prophetic, I’m comforted and relieved. Please send up a prayer for us as we break new ground, that God would guide the entire process in glory and beauty.

Healing, Restoration, Inheritance

Each month, I use this blog to worship Jesus, celebrating what he has done and pausing to contemplate what he wants to do currently. I take an intentionally celebratory tone because I want to not just provide information, but worship. It isn’t that I don’t face challenges, disappointment, or changes in plans, but I want to exalt him over them. I want the last word each month to be about the greatness of God, because I expect him to deliver me when I face challenges (and he timelessly has).

If I’m going to be 100% honest, this is both a training season and a restoration season for me personally. The Father is challenging me to delight in the goodness has surrounded me with, and to simultaneously work on inner healing. God has put a special grace on this time of transition for me to receive. I end up covering the same amount of ground through taking myself less seriously and relying on God’s strength in me to honor and bless the people he has given me. It’s been a real challenge to transition out of a performance mindset, and just receive. God has been guiding me to approach my training in the prophetic through a lens of security and trust that he will ultimately be the one to lead the process. As I surrender and let him continue his perfect work, he is redemption.

Owning my Voice and Call

Back in March, I was in the Spirit. I had an encounter where I saw Jesus, but when he spoke, he spoke with my voice instead of his normal speaking voice.

In this time of standing alongside strong people, it has been so important that I 1) use my voice and 2) make my voice sounds like the fullness of his. God wants me to be prepared to speak clearly and in Christlikeness to strong people in the future. He is tuning me like an instrument, and I have to allow myself to become more useful and in tune.

Since February, I have had the great benefit of attending a closed group prophetic nest (small group) focused on equipping Seer Prophets for leadership. The level of character and capacity of our leader Robin (and other nest members) has been a gift to me (more about Robin’s ministry here).

In our last meeting, Robin taught on the difference between passion (our mere interests) and complaint (what irritates us enough to keep us up at night; paraphrased).

For me personally, I have various passions. I love to cook, I love theology, I love nature and spending quality time with family and friends.

But my complaints are much more serious.

I believe that for generations, the Church has robbed youth of their inheritance in Christ. Children can mirror Christ even at an early age, and we must expect more for them! We will see children moving intuitively in miracles, signs, and wonders (Acts 2:17). To accept anything less is to rob Jesus of a measure of worship he paid for in blood, and to rob the nations of their inheritances from the Lord. The Lord has given the nations children (both chronological children and born again believers), and they are a gift (Psalm 127:3).

Worship and prophesy should be beautiful! Worship is a wave that carries us into the glory of God, and prophesy should be as creative as the Holy Spirit. We should always expect God to encounter us through a variety of methods, and innovate new ways to share his voice with others. We must be more multilingual to mirror the beauty of Revelation 7:9 throne room worship. We must be purer voices than the mediums and witches, with greater manifestations of the favor and power of God through our loving obedience. We must expect to inherit more and pursue the “more” God wants to release, because whatever we receive, we can pass on to our children. To settle for anything less than the fullness of what God has to offer us is foolish, selfish and undercuts those who have to come after us.

A Ready Bride

On April 23rd, I listened to Emma Stark describe the importance of sharing the emotional state of the Bridegroom, saying in the Spirit, “[I the Lord] want to marry you having you understand who I am. I do not want to marry a startled Bride!”

Pretty much since that experience, I have been praying that I would be a Bride Jesus would want to marry. At this point, I don’t want God to comfort me, I want him to look me in the eye and see that I’m serious. I don’t want to limit God by my timings or my terms. I’m giving God permission to give me away with his own ways, timings, thoughts, and intuition.

It makes think of something that Sharon Stone said on April 23rd about how she invested her life in God because it was a relationship where she wasn’t just invited to be a consumer, but in trusted partnership with Jesus. Truth that establishes something real.

It’s like a relationship where there is mutual attraction, but the couple hasn’t gotten close enough to really experientially learn one another. Transformation cannot happen without closeness.

I think about the months of furnace and serious cost it took to get to the place where I would be positioned to experientially learn God the way I am in this season. The Lord moved me into the season I’m presently in after there had been enough testing for me to bear (and receive) it.

On a larger scale, there is an exclusivity that has to come into the way the Church relates to God, to allow him to be the only one to water her garden. The Church has got to reclaim her beauty as belonging to God alone. Just as a woman refuses to be a single man’s direction or a married man’s distraction, the Church in various nations has got to break agreement with a political spirit and other lesser loves. Lord, help us as individuals and as your Bride draw closer.


This month, I am jealous for your prayers, that God would:

  • Give me creative grace to develop, gather, and launch a virtual small group for training teens in the prophetic
  • Give the same creative grace to keep experimenting with technology; partners to help animate a prophetic word on surrender I have been curating
  • Show me what to do with the downloads of revelatory teaching I often get in worship, and potentially provide opportunities to release words in real time (vs. only writing them after)
  • Provide balance between writing and active ministry
  • Grow my trust in him across the board
  • Keep healing me
  • Provide further open doors, radical blessing and favor

Writing from this Month


Applied Teaching

Reflections on Regions I will be Traveling to


Published by Haley Nus

Hello! Formerly of Kansas, and Washington, DC, I am an emerging voice in Holy Spirit-led youth ministry. This site contains emergent apostolic strategy, prophetic words, and tutorials for the interdenominational, international, and charismatic Church and Educational Sector. Check out more on my journey with 5-fold ministry, doctoral study, and travel through my Monthly Summaries. I take Jesus's invitation to welcome children in his name (Luke 9:48) and Jesus's exhortation to become like children literally (Mathew 18:3). In order to shape the world well for adults, we must serve the youngest among us so that we will truly understand who we are as sons and daughters (2 Corinthians 6:18).]

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