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For Schools

In February 2022, the Lord brought me out of the classroom for a season of nations training and writing on youth and the prophetic. This page is devoted to free materials I developed while in the classroom.

If you are a church leader or youth ministry worker and are considering how to support your youth in the supernatural, check out the free resources on my “For Churches” page!

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Instruction in Discerning the Holy-Spirit

Types of Instruction

Outdoor Instruction

  1. Exploring Rock Creek Park
  2. Playing soccer on a field trip to a museum on the National Mall
  3. Adding Fractions in the Park

Arts-based Instruction

3rd and 4th Grade Designing Stations of the Cross

Reflecting on Identity and Community

Using Watercolor to Explore the Protest Art of the United Farm Workers Movement

Creating Watercolored Area Models of Our Church

Reflecting on our Area Model Church Art

Admiring the Majesty of Creation

Watercoloring different landscapes

Art as a Way to be like our Creator God

Students were asked how they image God (or magnify him, based on doing things that are like what he does). This artistic student created this painting to show that just like God paints the world with beauty, so can she.

Comics to Explain Biblical History: Creation, Fall, Redemption, Restoration

Art to Create Collective Memory

Hands on Social Studies

United Farm Workers Movement explained in Legos (watch on Youtube)

Watch this student explain the tension between tenant farmworkers and wealthy land owners in the United Farm Workers movement!

Hands on Math

Comparing a Yardstick and Meter stick by drawing on the floor

Hands On Science

4th Grade Animal Cell models with Food, Play dough, Sports Gear, and Minecraft

4th Grade Digestive System Model using Fortnite (watch on Youtube)

Comparative Anatomy: Humans vs. Frogs

4th Grade Skeletal System, Nervous System, and Circulatory Systems

Inquiry Projects:

Connecting Faith and Student Interests to Research

December Inquiry Projects – Empowering Student Interests (7 students, individual)

January Inquiry Projects – Connecting Faith to Research (10 students, theme groups)

February/March Inquiry Projects – Experimenting with Alternative Presentation Ideas (12 students, theme groups)

May/June Inquiry Projects: Differentiating to Support All Students

A students’ video with many effects, all about Starfruit!

Articles about my Students in the News

Professional Writing

Faith and Social Advocacy

Using Biblical Anti-Racism to Teach Civil Rights

Latino Catholic Forms of Protest in the United Farm Workers Movement

Researching Diverse Cultures

Locating the Latino Smithsonian Museum

Praying for the Nations Part 1: Group Prayer and Research

Praying for the Nations Part 2: Individual Prayer and Research

“Work and Pray”

Design your Own Religious Order Project

Holy Trinity Action Cards Project

The Many Ways the Holy Spirit Made my Students Hungry for the Bible in 2021

Life in Community

Going after Heart Change: Addressing the Spiritual Root of Student Misbehavior

Cross-pollination: Reflecting on How Student’s Interests have Formed me this Year, and vice versa

Teaching Students Biblical Identity and Community

Applied Theology

From Stewardship to the Restoration of Creation: A Theology for Student’s Great Love of Animals

COVID 19 Pandemic: Talking about Death with Students

Leading Students into the Desert

Blessings for the Valley of Decision

Teaching Unconditional Surrender: Worshipping God through Mary’s Historical Context and Magnificat Prayer

Christian Approaches to Civil Disobedience, Political Disagreement, and Communication

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