Age of the Unexpected

Haley Nus

Christian Educator, Doctoral Student, all views are my own


Have you ever wondered whether science, critical thinking, and Christianity were incompatible? What about art–does religion kill creativity?

This portfolio is devoted to the synthesis and application of godly wonder in all subjects. Through pictures, videos, and articles, I invite you to walk alongside my 3rd and 4th students and I as we encounter Jesus.

Beyond just curriculum, in reading this portfolio, you may find yourself hungry. After all,

“A sight of the divine beauty of Christ bows the wills and draws the hearts of men.”

Jonathan Edwards

For those who may already have developed friendship with Christ, I invite you to enter into a deeper hunger. May we see generations walking closely with Jesus, for the good of the world. Through spirit-led strategy, surrender, and a disproportionate dose of spreadsheets, may we see the glory of God as he transforms the Educational sectors of the nations.

Feeling Curious?

Check out some of the latest videos from Age of the Unexpected!

Set apart for God

Created for Wonder

Captured by His Beauty

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