Age of the Unexpected

Haley Nus

Educator and Christian, all views are my own

It’s good to have you here. I hope that you love thought-provoking change as much as I do, and will find both challenge and beauty as you encounter this site.

This year is my fifth year in the classroom, and I mean to make it count. The last few months have delivered me a procession of new technological, socio-emotional, and pedagogical expertise, and while it might be audacious to say, I am so grateful for distance learning.

Educationally, I have been fortunate glean from a variety of disciplines, receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Kansas and a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Trinity Washington University in D.C.. I’m currently studying towards a Doctorate of Educational Leadership in Educational Ministry degree from Virginia Theological Seminary, and hope to research whether using experiential /engagement based teaching methods to encounter the bible can increase biblical literacy, students’ faith, and academic growth.

This year, I’m honored to work in a bilingual Catholic school, attend an Episcopal seminary, enroll in charismatic ministry training through Global Celebration School of Supernatural Ministry (GCSSM), and attend a nondenominational church in the heart of D.C.. Thus far in my life with Christ, it has been satisfying to uncover these contradictions and encounter God in unexpected places linguistically, culturally, relationally, and internationally.

While I love sharing Jesus with adults, I am especially passionate about prayer and helping students develop life-giving intimacy and purpose with God. I long to see new generations walking closely with Jesus in their authority as sons and daughters for the good of the world. I hope to plant Christian schools that do such a wonderful job supporting children’s learning and spirituality that 1) churches emerge from them, 2) children are equipped to bring revival to their families and neighborhoods, and 3) public, private, and charter schools are blessed by pioneering new techniques that these schools develop.

Set apart for God

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