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Age of the Unexpected

Haley Nus

All views are my own

Christian Leader, Doctoral Student, Emerging Apostolic Prophet

Set apart for God

Created for Wonder

Captured by His Beauty


How can the Church support youth to encounter the supernatural character of God?

How can people of all ages partner with God internationally to reform the world?

Check out the “For Churches” tab for resources to support spirit-led youth and adult ministry!

Godly awe points us to a Creator who invites us to taste and see his goodness (Psalm 34:8). Jesus’s invitation to welcome children in his name (Luke 9:48) and Jesus’s exhortation to become like children (Mathew 18:3) are foundational for the spirit-led Church. In order to shape the world well for adults, we must serve the youngest among us so that we will truly understand who we are as sons and daughters (2 Corinthians 6:18).


Have you ever wondered whether science, critical thinking, and Christianity were incompatible?

What about art…does religion kill creativity?

Check out the “For Schools” tab for synthesis and application of godly wonder in across subjects.

Through pictures, videos, and articles, I invite you to walk alongside myself and my former students as we encountered Jesus.

Beyond just curriculum, in reading this portfolio, you may find yourself hungry. After all,

“A sight of the divine beauty of Christ bows the wills and draws the hearts of men.”

Jonathan Edwards

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