March Monthly Summary

March was full, sweet, and sour. Some hints of rest, lots to consider, and some weighty concerns for prayer. Simple Pleasures Being on Spring Break! March 26th was my 7 year Jesus-versary Seeing my students hungry to know more about God. Our lunch period frequently turns into a student-led theology block where they bring meContinue reading “March Monthly Summary”

January Monthly Summary

Exciting News! Approximately three weeks ago, I submitted an application to the Emerging Prophets Mentoring Programme with the Global Prophetic Alliance. On Monday, I found out that I was accepted to begin training online, effective immediately. Right, but what does that mean? As part of 5-fold ministry, the office of a prophet is to discernContinue reading “January Monthly Summary”

December Monthly Summary

After tech troubles made me take a writing hiatus in November, I’ve got plenty of news to share. These past two months have taken a slightly slower pace as God has invited me into his rest. Teaching from Home After Thanksgiving, I fell into a renewed rhythm of teaching from home. Previously in juggling hybridContinue reading “December Monthly Summary”

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