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April 2023 Monthly Summary

April felt like going through a full circuit obstacle course, ending at the beginning much better than I started. Despite being a reward season, this month was kind of a grind. People often think of reward seasons of rest and recompense as this blissful time when you are periphereally involved and there is no realContinue reading “April 2023 Monthly Summary”

February 2023 Monthly Summary

This month was beautiful and confusing. As I navigated interviewing for different jobs, I joked with a close friend about the sensation of being excited about the possibility of one role one day and feeling like I was disillusioned and excited about something else the next day. “Is this what indecision feels like?“, I askedContinue reading “February 2023 Monthly Summary”

January 2023 Monthly Summary

In January, I finally internalized my bus route to and from church…and then moved! January in a Nutshell In December, I described the specific goals I felt God highlighting to me for the next 6-18 months, namely: quality of life + balance, community, expanding skill sets, developing maturity, and holding salt + developing resources. SinceContinue reading “January 2023 Monthly Summary”

Closing 2022: A Year of Disruption, Worship, and Beginnings

Another year has passed, and I am here to worship. In 2021, I used tools to visualize how God changed my plans. In 2022, the theme was more like, “What plans?” Lol. I’m quietly laughing at the title I gave last year’s summary, “A Year of Acceleration and Change.” If last year was acceleration, whatContinue reading “Closing 2022: A Year of Disruption, Worship, and Beginnings”