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Closing 2022: A Year of Disruption, Worship, and Beginnings

Another year has passed, and I am here to worship. In 2021, I used tools to visualize how God changed my plans. In 2022, the theme was more like, “What plans?” Lol. I’m quietly laughing at the title I gave last year’s summary, “A Year of Acceleration and Change.” If last year was acceleration, whatContinue reading “Closing 2022: A Year of Disruption, Worship, and Beginnings”


December 2022 Monthly Summary

Seasonal Growth: December in a Nutshell In order to share the highlights of this month, I’m going to examine it through the lens of the current, seasonal goals I shared in November. Revelations of Jesus: Worshiping the Servant Bridegroom In December, various experiences in worship caused me to reflect on the glory of God. AsContinue reading “December 2022 Monthly Summary”

November 2022 Monthly Summary

Seeing Friends in Glasgow Roots in Seattle Worshiping God for his Capacity As November comes to a close, I’m taking time to focus on worshipping God for answered prayer. In May, I decided that for my birthday, instead of focusing on the mind (another degree program), I really needed to focus on the heart (findingContinue reading “November 2022 Monthly Summary”

October 2022 Monthly Summary

He Overcame the World This month, Jesus just kept showing countless ways he he had overcome the world. As I contended for Jesus’ light yoke, he kept showing me just how narrow the door has been for so many people in the last season. He helped me develop better balance and boundaries in processing intenseContinue reading “October 2022 Monthly Summary”

September 2022 Monthly Summary

This September, God has been pouring out grace upon grace for inner healing. I’m tremendously grateful, even though it’s been a grind. One of my favorite parts of September has been spending Fridays with my sister, going thrift shopping, adventuring outdoors, watching movies, and getting dinner. Even though I’ve had to be really careful withContinue reading “September 2022 Monthly Summary”