February 2022 Monthly Summary

Jesus did so much preparation and formation work in me this month! I am amazed by what happens when we willingly surrender control and let him turn obedience into freedom. Simple Pleasures Tutoring kiddo’s new puppy! Adventuring with my mentor The consistency of my dad on Valentine’s Day Snow! Among the last weeks I haveContinue reading “February 2022 Monthly Summary”

January 2022 Monthly Summary (Surprise!)

This month was full of extreme joy and cost. Leaving Timeframe This month, I made the costliest decision since coming to faith in Jesus, and left my job in the classroom. Last Easter, a dream from the Lord about leaving my job began a process of discernment that lasted most of 2021. By late June,Continue reading “January 2022 Monthly Summary (Surprise!)”

Remembering 2021: A Year of Acceleration and Change

With just a few days left before the start of the next calendar year adventure, I want to spend some time thanking God for his utter faithfulness. This year was wild, full of formation, and most frequently mysterious. I very rarely knew what God was doing in the moment. Through scribing, asking meaningful questions, andContinue reading “Remembering 2021: A Year of Acceleration and Change”

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