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For Churches

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In February 2022, the Lord brought me out of the classroom for a season of nations training and writing on youth and the prophetic. Currently, I hope to partner with Holy-Spirit led Youth Ministries and write curriculum. This page is devoted to free materials I’ve developed so far.

In the future, I hope to partner with schools with 5-fold ministry structure to equip staff and students in spiritual gifts. If you are a teacher or administrator and are considering how to support your students in the supernatural, check out the free resources on my “For Schools” page!

So that you can have a little more of a grid for who I am and my values, feel free to check out my Theology of Youth Ministry below.

Prophetic Youth Ministry

For Apostolic Centers

For Churches and Schools

For Families

Casting Vision for Intergenerational Prophetic Ministry

Increasing Need for Prophetic Youth Ministry

Theological Basis

Bible Teaching for Youth Ministry

Prophetic Ministry for Adults

Why We Prophesy to Nations and People

Prophesy from a Christian Worldview (compared to other Mystic Traditions)

Getting Started with Dream Interpretation and Tracking

Office of a Prophet Training

Authentic Storytelling: Teaching for Prophets from my Own Experiences

Bible Teaching for Adults

Reformation Series

Tuned Instruments Series

Nations Series

Servant Series

God’s Character Series

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