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March 2022 Monthly Summary

This month was a whirlwind! You know, it wasn’t until about March 13th reached certainty that it was finally time to leave DC. But right after that point, everything took off.


Leaving DC

After saying goodbye to my church and tutoring kiddos, it was time to get rid of everything.

I have been looking forward to giving away my nice furniture since the day I bought it. During my previous job working at a neighborhood Catholic School, I often had to rely on God’s sovereign help to make it work financially. While he always came through and I was still able to be occasionally generous, I MISSED being able to be extravagantly generous. For me, giving away all of my stuff was a joy. πŸ₯³

I asked God to bring the right person, and he brought me a young friend from church and her parents who were directly able to use all of it. God is doing a great work in her life, and it blessed me to sow in faith into what I saw him doing in her future. She’s a budding evangelist and has an incredible range in the people she adopts. Please pray that God would strengthen her to stand in confidence in the mantle and authority he has assigned to her, and that no distraction would keep her from giving Jesus everything.

After nearly 6 years in DC, her family was able to help me move everything FAST and walk into the next season without loose ends to tie up.

Getting Exempted from Jury Duty

Another barrier to me leaving was my Jury Duty service requirement, scheduled for this month. In faith this January, I asked for it to be postponed so that I could attend an Emerging Prophets Program training (more about that below). My jury service was rescheduled for early May. The penalty for avoiding it would be up to $1000. Having relocated my formal address with the US Post Office, I reached out to Jury Duty office and they completely waved the requirement for me to serve. The Lord removed the obstacle!

Finding someone to Take over my Lease + Blessing my Landlord

Another obstacle was the necessity to find someone to take over my lease. While my lease is just month to month, I wanted to leave my landlord in great shape. Mark is the dictionary definition of a great landlord. Since coming to my apartment a little over 2 years ago, he has consistently helped fix anything I needed, including putting on a new front door, new garage door, and installing other safety mechanisms on the front and back patios. He even gave me a slight discount on rent after the first year, because I took good care of the place. God used this apartment as a thin place to heal me up and launch me powerfully into hearing his voice.

Since Mark had become such a good friend, helped him find a tenant who would also take good care of the place. I hope that the next tenant will encounter it as a thin place and continue to bless the neighborhood and property.

Emerging Prophets Training – Deliverance Ministry

On Saint Patrick’s day, the day that I finished giving EVERYTHING away, I got on a plane and headed to Glasgow, Scotland for Emerging Prophets Program Deliverance Ministry training. As a 2nd year Emerging Prophets program member, God had already been gradually training me on deliverance from the demonic since last May. In my waking and sleeping hours, spontaneously and intentionally, the Lord had laid a sure foundation by the time I arrived.

First, my friend Tabitha and I intercepted each other on the flight to Glasgow. She came from Toronto, I came from DC, but we were able to reunite while still in mid transit. It was glorious, because we flew out together in November after our first Emerging Prophets training (check out that post here).

Due to some previous exposure, I wasn’t fazed when people shrieked or manifested the demonic. It was a joy to see them get free as we practiced deliverance in small groups. To be honest, I came in wondering what it would be like to be that exposed in front of other people. However, I found that the people who were helping were secure in their authority, angry at the demonic, and soft towards the people. So it was a good time.

My Family is Finally Not Scared

I will be transparent: my family has been relatively startled at the idea of me traveling all around the world on the semi-unpredictable bequest of the Holy Spirit. Instead of hiding the process from them or capitulating to their fear, I have opted to take them by the hand and help them make peace with the fact that this is one among many trips where I will need to really trust God. Especially for my mom, this has required a level of surrender that they didn’t choose but now must somehow figure out. As I have watched them process the reality my choices have thrust upon them, I have often found myself empathizing with Jesus’ family, who wanted his safety and didn’t understand at first (Mark 3:21).

Video chatting semi-regularly has helped them see that I am fine and safe. I have committed to send them the names and addresses of whichever friends I stay with. Logistically, I’ve also been able to divide responsibilities between my parents for storing managing my important records and mail forwarding. While these are little gestures, it is important to take the right posture. I honestly think that I’m the first in my family in several generations who has actively chosen to trust God this much. If I honor my family in the choices I’m making, I open the door and make it reasonable for my nieces, nephews, and children to do the same.

As I share more about my transition process, my dad also has noticed the way God has tightly created parallels between how he’s forming my ministry journey and relationships. He joked that if I managed to become more spontaneous, I’d probably be more similar to 90% of other human beings. He’s given me his blessing to take these things little by little until everything naturally takes its course.

Other Cool Things I learned about this month

  • How to use the Jolla app to make cheap international calls
  • How easy it is to get and use Scottish SIM cards
  • COVID cant stop the Kingdom of God

Simple Pleasures

We discovered that my friends separately bought these nearly identity sweaters! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I introduced my friends to the glory of Honey Whiskey and Dulce de lecho coco snacks.

Queen’s Park in 60* F / 16* C weather 🀩

I had no idea leeks could be so tender. And potato scones??? Hallelujah.

Ministry headshot ready? βœ…

Next Step


In the 6 weeks between leaving my job and coming to Scotland for training, I’ve become a lot more comfortable letting Jesus make up my plans as we go. But in the West, we struggle to lay down our plans, don’t we? We feel very comfortable with cozy 1 month, 6 month, 1 year plans. In this season, God wants to train me to listen more closely than that.

Based on a posture of close listening, I am only going to be sharing my travel decisions one step at a time. I find that as soon as I start talking about possibilities beyond the very next step, it personally gets more difficult to remember how loudly God is speaking. At the same time, my friends and family cling too tightly to details that were always liable to change, based on God. Realistically on the Earth in general, it’s a day by day season in the Spirit, not a “cling to your 12 month plan” season.

I so long for harvest. I long to learn from ministers in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. I would happily jump on a plane to Brazil, Japan, South Africa, or any number of the growing list of nations that keep illuminating my dreams.

I am still longing for God would open doors outside of the Western World before September, when I will be coming back to Scotland to study the History of World Christianity in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Yet based on what I need to learn TODAY, I have decided that my next step will actually be Munich, Germany. I will remain here in Scotland for the next few weeks, then visit my friend Vera. Her fiery wildness and spontaneity will help me become more comfortable giving prophetic words to people in public. It will force me outside of my comfort zone. Together, we have a lot of fun, and tend to have a silly, raucous energy that Germany needs.

Between Glasgow, Scotland and Munich, Germany, I am considering spending some time in London. I’ve had a variety of dreams about the region and feel a strong pull to explore. Either way, I am hoping that an opportunity will open up for me to celebrate Easter among friends, as it’s the highlight of my year.

At each leg of my travels between now and September, I am believing that God will add more expertise and FAVOR, such that I really can’t imagine the places we’ll end up by the end of it. I see the steps of leaving DC this month as the beginning of that acceleration, training, and favor process.


Regarding revelation, I am getting more used to having Nabi, bubbling up prophetic words. Since February, Jesus has been training me to hear his voice and increasing the amount of sounds and music I hear while awake and in dreams. As someone who is primarily a Seer, this has been an interesting fruit of deeper surrender to Jesus. To me, it feels like getting a sense of what is happening and squeezing the meaning out like you’d wring the water from a washcloth. You start to speak and it kind of goes from there. While it would have felt risky in previous season, feels very accessible right now because I know the sound of his voice. My friends have reassured me that if I continue to open my mouth to speak and trust, he will fill my mouth with words to speak (Psalm 81:10). Here goes nothing! πŸ˜‰

The big questions I think transitioning Seers must have in seasons like this are:

  • Do I have permission to be fluently drawn to the right direction?
  • How do I let myself be pulled in the right direction organically, like it’s bubbling up from the inside? You just allow yourself to be moved?

This kind of trust is the exact opposite from seeing in the Spirit. When I’m seeing, I can often navigate a picture like a drone, zooming in, out, shifting angles, parsing words and symbols, etc. You see from visual meaning, scrape as much detail as the standing or moving picture allows you to grab, and formulate words. The challenging part is to articulate what you’re seeing in a way that makes cohesive sense to your audience. But with Nabi prophesy, it’s like getting an unction or impression, leaning back into the Holy Spirit, and letting the line of revelation come out of your mouth like ink from a pen to write words on the air as the other person hears and receives it.

**As a side note, I’m also getting TONS more watchman style prophetic warning dreams for regions, people, and organizations. Stay tuned to find out how those words become useful in the coming days.**


As a result of recent training, I realize that there have been several times in my life where fear of other’s judgment or jealousy has caused me to remain in hiding more than is healthy or useful to the Kingdom of God. As I have broken agreement with any residual smallness and fear of man, God has been blasting me with revelatory teaching that I need to be faithful to share. While I have always been a very inquisitive person, I have been so hungry to learn that I sometimes feel like my spirit is vibrating a little bit while I’m sitting still. I am praying for grace because I have been blasting my friends with questions and book recommendations and theological thoughts. I am still trying to be gracious to let people know that if they can’t keep pace, there’s no condemnation. With or without other’s help, God has sent a Daniel 6 “Excellent Spirit” surging wave of acceleration over my life, and I’m letting it take me.


For that reason, starting next week, this website will begin to feature more revelatory teaching content, on topics like the Sound of Jesus’ voice, the Spirit of Adoption, Diverse Tongues and the Apostolic, Land Prophesy and Invasive Species, National Boundaries and Conflicts between Ethnic Groups, and a variety of other themes. I wont likely resume practical writing about prophetic teaching and youth until September, when I hope to do some volunteer work within a 5 fold ministry setting.


In the coming month and onwards, I’m also hoping to experiment with creating videos that visually illustrate prophetic words. I’m hoping to feature prophetic words I’ve received or interview and visually dub the work of guests. It is my goal to experiment with ways media can combine Seer, Nabi, and Watchman prophesy in accessible ways for new audiences.

It probably goes without saying that getting these things launched will be the biggest hurdle. Please pray for God to continue sending ease, clarity, creativity, and joy over these new projects!

Seasons: Past, Present, and Future

As I actively move into a new season of life and ministry, the terrain is quite different. In recent dreams and revelation, the fluidity and trust required in this season of training is often depicted through imagery of gymnastics, acrobatics, and dancing. I am intentionally seeking out training from leaders and avenues that can stretch and challenge me, and I’m excited to see what God does next.

In many of my dreams, I’m at the Grocery Store. In this current season, I’m at the store to receive healthy food (revelation). Soon, I will be making cooking videos to use these revelatory ingredients to make new things. In the future, I will continue to serve at the Father’s Banquet Table, in Apostolic ministry. In the Banquet Hall, the Father is (and will be) restoring the inheritances of the nations (Isaiah 49:8).

While I have a sense of what the next 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years will look like, I left off the majority of the things I know for the sake of privacy and also respect for how much God still has to share.

Interested in sowing into this season and the next? Click here.


  • To be fully prepared through this season so that I will be running at speed for all that God has for me in the future. No distractions; grace upon grace for accelerated growth.
  • Wisdom to navigate the increasing authority the Lord is sending.
  • Favor stored up in advance for the Acts 2:17 Miracles, Signs and Wonders generation
  • For my future husband and I to be leaders who don’t rob the children’s inheritance (Matt 7:9). Grace upon grace for me to mother and spiritually mother a generation who will be much taller than me in the Spirit. For our ministry to be a place of refuge: of unhindered, joyful, explosive growth.
  • That whatever decisions I make as a prophet and a voice of authority would enrich the Great Cloud of Witnesses, honoring the blood of the martyrs who sowed in tears. That their crowns would be enriched through our shared actions.
  • For God to continue sending ease, clarity, creativity, and joy over these new projects!
  • For God to open doors in Asia, Latin America, and Africa!

Published by Haley Nus

Hello! Formerly of Kansas, and Washington, DC, I am an emerging voice in Holy Spirit-led youth ministry. This site contains emergent apostolic strategy, prophetic words, and tutorials for the interdenominational, international, and charismatic Church and Educational Sector. Check out more on my journey with 5-fold ministry, doctoral study, and travel through my Monthly Summaries. I take Jesus's invitation to welcome children in his name (Luke 9:48) and Jesus's exhortation to become like children literally (Mathew 18:3). In order to shape the world well for adults, we must serve the youngest among us so that we will truly understand who we are as sons and daughters (2 Corinthians 6:18).]

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