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Goodbye to Formal Education: Let’s be Tree Frogs

I am going to tell a story that I likely forgot to share in the hustle and bustle of last month’s adventures… Do you ever have those moments where you must definitively choose to close a door? As I quietly began to allow God to move me out of my teaching position this January, IContinue reading “Goodbye to Formal Education: Let’s be Tree Frogs”

Remembering 2021: A Year of Acceleration and Change

With just a few days left before the start of the next calendar year adventure, I want to spend some time thanking God for his utter faithfulness. This year was wild, full of formation, and most frequently mysterious. I very rarely knew what God was doing in the moment. Through scribing, asking meaningful questions, andContinue reading “Remembering 2021: A Year of Acceleration and Change”