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The Hope of Christ and True Transformation

Within our pluralistic society, the exceedingly bold declaration that Jesus is the Light is just as controversial as it would have been in John’s pluralistic first century context (5:1). Similarly, one can easily misquote John’s thesis that “God is love” (4:16-17)  by making God an impersonal, de-centralized life force, similar to the Buddhist concept of vijñāna. Is light an abstract term, or is Light a person? How do we define love? According to John, we can know God relationally through the person of Jesus (4:17). John asserts that the only true enlightenment is by God’s Holy Spirit, that “testifies that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh” (4:2). Instead of an ephemeral, vaguely spiritual Savior, we have a Savior who did not come by water only (baptism), but by water and blood (birth) (5:6). 


Blessings for the Valley of Decision

Now that many of us have emerged from the external solitude of COVID-19, some of us may still find that internally, we are still in the desert. For many Christians, this feeling of uncertainty is much like the uncertainty of coming to faith for the first time, when people are said to go through “theContinue reading “Blessings for the Valley of Decision”

We (in Education) will be Okay

Late last week, a guest to our school said something that continued to ring in my ears throughout the weekend. He said, “Teachers who love teaching are finding ways to continue loving teaching during the pandemic.” While it’s true that teachers need supportive environments in order to prosper, individuals must love teaching before they canContinue reading “We (in Education) will be Okay”

Talking about Death with Students

This year, it’s been my great honor and privilege to come alongside a group of insightful fourth graders as they grapple with important questions about the character of God. It has been bittersweet to see how they have coped with the pandemic, and the many instructional changes we’ve experienced this year. I’ve seen several studentsContinue reading “Talking about Death with Students”