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Hope is Prophetic: Establishing a Future for the Generations

Hope is Prophetic In times of great adversity, Prophets offer a hope for the future. In times of social chaos, When all man’s wisdom is razed like grass, The Lord establishes visions through his servants: That reach across timings and resonate with generations, As dandelions that endure, consistently producing. Visionary people speak and the hearersContinue reading “Hope is Prophetic: Establishing a Future for the Generations”


Returning to Brazil

For one month between May and June, I had the enormous benefit of visiting El Shaddai School in Sao Jao de Boa Vista in Sao Paolo state, Brazil. As a non-denominational Christian school, El Shaddai’s value for community, personal relationship with God, and developmentally responsive curriculum make it an ideal atmosphere to teach children andContinue reading “Returning to Brazil”

True vs. Counterfeit Joy and Freedom

As I have traveled over the past several months, the Lord has been sharing some ways that his understanding of Joy and Freedom differs from contemporary Western culture. Some of the most profound North American thinking on joy came out of the Hippie movement, and still echoes through festivals like Burning Man and other references.Continue reading “True vs. Counterfeit Joy and Freedom”

Diverse Tongues and the Apostolic: Each of us an Instrument, Christ the Richness of Tone (Part Four)

In this unit on sound, I have covered three different gifts in the category of “gifts of tongues” , how God can use different languages to deliver prophetic words to nations and people groups, and being in tune with the sound of God’s emotions. While it is a given that Jesus’ sheep hear his voice,Continue reading “Diverse Tongues and the Apostolic: Each of us an Instrument, Christ the Richness of Tone (Part Four)”

Video Tutorial and Templates for Christian Dream Interpretation

On this site, I’ve talked a lot about how as a Seer, I track my dreams to understand what God is saying to me in different seasons and to nations. However, dream interpretation through the Holy Spirit is a gift God makes available to all believers! Regardless of your calling, it is normal for ChristiansContinue reading “Video Tutorial and Templates for Christian Dream Interpretation”