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Salvation is still about the Soul

When a person starts long for God at the soul level, it comes from a place deeper than our reason and temporary emotions. It is like being pulled by an internal cord into a direction you may not consciously understand. Often, people experience this sensation over time, and describe it with sensing language (discerning, noticing, thirsting, hungering, itching, burning, aching, yearning, pining). When it comes to the soul (and the spirit), it isn’t a factual knowing or a rational reasoning, but an intuitive perceiving. Often, this means waking up a level of desire for righteousness and longing for the beauty of God that people didn’t know they had.

Lord of all the Spirits: The Purity of the Holy Spirit among Mystic Traditions, Past and Present

Today, I’m going to discuss how Christian Prophesy in modern era is distinct from prophesy and mysticism from other world traditions, time periods, and cultures. My goal is to explain how revelation from and relationship with the Holy Spirit differs from other forms of mysticism. Some of the historical information I will be referencing areContinue reading “Lord of all the Spirits: The Purity of the Holy Spirit among Mystic Traditions, Past and Present”

“Who Will Value the Cost?”

During and after Holy Week, I had the great benefit of sitting under some outstanding bible teachers and prophets in London. While I was worshipping Jesus with Catch the Fire and My Church Windsor, the Lord gave me a glimpse of some of the emotions he felt before and during being anointed at Bethany (LukeContinue reading ““Who Will Value the Cost?””

The Cost of Deifying Mary and Re-attributing Praise

As someone with Catholic ancestry, who has various Catholic friends, and who has worked in a Catholic education setting, I have learned so much from Catholics. My Catholic friends and family have taught me about God’s creativity, his sovereignty over our minds, his supernatural nature, and the various ways Catholic movements have stewarded the powerContinue reading “The Cost of Deifying Mary and Re-attributing Praise”