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Justice: Reaping a Harvest of Righteousness

Over the past month, I have sensed and seen supernatural evidence of what I can only describe as a tidal wave of justice coming to individuals who have patiently waited, served, and preserved their own integrity. In the past two years, there have been specific moments where individuals have experienced delayed justice in situations thatContinue reading “Justice: Reaping a Harvest of Righteousness”


Wearing Multiple Denominational Belonging

As part of exploring the calling to build bridges between denominations in the Church, I have reflected a lot this summer on the groups and denominations that have formed me. As someone who intentionally doesn’t claim a denominational affiliation out of respect for the broad spectrum of Christian (Trinitarian) groups that have formed me, IContinue reading “Wearing Multiple Denominational Belonging”

Theology of Youth Ministry

In this post, I present two versions of my Theology of Youth ministry. Theology of Youth Ministry: Accessible Language In this version, I use accessible language so that kids can understand my theology. While the primary audience is children, “less is more” with people of all ages. If your personal preference is for simplified, clearContinue reading “Theology of Youth Ministry”

Theology of Christian Education

In the spirit of transparency, let me take a moment to share some of my core principles for edification within K-12 educational contexts. Consecration and Power When individual’s internally decide to follow Jesus and the externally testify that he is Lord, they choose a new kind of life. Jesus sends us his Holy spirit toContinue reading “Theology of Christian Education”