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May 2022 Monthly Summary

May has been a whirlwind! In early May, I was in Munich, then I travelled to Singapore, and I am now in Sāo Joāo de Boa Vista, Brazil. I am staying with a family, whose 3 daughters are very fun. Here is a picture of one of the little girls at my homestay peeking under my door to see what I am doing. She knows how to go into my room, get my teddy bear, and make it dance to Baby Shark.

Highlights: Worshipping God for…

  • Worshipping Jesus in German, English, Mandarin, and Portuguese, and connecting with the people
  • Jesus solidifying a call on my life to prophetic worship at Awaken Generation Singapore, finding alignment and friendship with their emerging leaders (prophets and apostles)
  • Being placed within a family homestay in Brazil, enjoying spending time with their 3 daughters
  • Jesus reconfirming and solidifying my call to Latin America through Brazil, being aligned to the land. Vision to serve and empower the people as equals.
  • An open, ongoing invitation to teach adults, teens, and children about knowing God and the prophetic at Colégio El Shadai en São Joāo de Boa Vista
  • Lightness and mutual joy in the dynamic with my friend Lubiana. Her help in translating prophetic words for people, her partnership in following her unctions to pray for people to be healed. Staying in the love of God to give various accurate prophetic words. God healing various healing people through us (my first experience with seeing people healed).
  • Grace on learning Portuguese
  • Reconnection and Reconciliation with my students from DC
  • Gathering teens to host the first Virtual, International Teens Prophetic Nest (Small Group) through the Global Prophetic Alliance. Grace to develop the policies, recruit very eager 12-18 year olds, and build the structure from the ground up.


In leaving the West and standing on my own, the Lord has been showing me just how radical this season of post-COVID reversals is in the global Body of Christ. Here are some of the major reversal moments that shocked me and put me in awe of the Lord.

  • In Singapore and Brazil, the Lord has primarily sent me not to established ministries and leaders, but to peers who are roughly my age and skill level in their respective callings (to prophetic worship, healing ministry, and more). While I have been honored to meet and learn from some established ministers, God’s real work of alignment has been with brothers and sisters in my generation, to come alongside one another for the work God is preparing among youth.
  • In the last 5 months, I hoped to come to Latin America through a formal channel. Hearing his voice independently was isolating at times, but God wanted to take me on a journey of knowing his voice for myself. While I have continuously sought formal support through my leaders, the majority of my support during this time has come informally from collection of friends who are blessing and loving me in solidarity. At the right time, when the Lord had formed me to hear him personally and aligned me to the right people, he opened a door in Brazil for me to minister out of authentic connection. My goals have been primarily relational. From that desire, God has given me a place in Brazil where I can serve and empower the people as equals.
  • God sent me to a friend who had been previously bullied and used her to welcome me into Singapore. She rarely uses Facebook, but felt an unction to check social media. She saw that I was coming to Singapore, reached out, and greatly encouraged me. She was the answer to prayers I had been praying for at least one familiar face in Singapore.
  • In Singapore, God sent me to one of the smallest nations in the world as the first place I was independently received as a prophet. In spite of its small size, I cannot wait to watch how God continues to use this nation to strategically shape Southeast and East Asia.
  • A friend shared that long before I consider myself to have started learning the prophetic, I unawarely prophesied a word to her about relocation at church. While the word lacked detail and the kind of clarity I now cherish, she received it in faith, made a major relocation decision, and that decision bore fruit. God used this story to humble me and give me confidence that ultimately, he is responsible for making our words fruitful. God can make the eagerness of our listeners greater than our limitations.
  • I came to Singapore as a learner and with the goal of making friends for future ministry. Ultimately once the people felt safe with me, he used me to give a prophetic word to a ministry, give a prophetic word to a leader about the nation, and informally teach about the prophetic to a variety of ministry students my age as we learned ate together. They chose to receive me as a friend, and ended up receiving the rest of my personality, which inevitably carries the prophetic and teaching.
  • I developed friendships at my hostel in Singapore and prophesied over strangers. Through connection, we ended up shadowing the entire place with community. It displaced the loneliness lingering there and made people hungry for the community of God.
  • I met a Malaysian Muslim business man on the flight to Brazil. He brought up the topic of spirituality, I taught about the purity of the Holy Spirit, and he was deeply moved. Through our conversation, he caught the father’s heart for me and kept making sure I had enough blankets and was comfortable on the flight.
  • God sent me to a friend who was overwhelmed with the weight of responsibilities and in need of God’s tangible help. He used similar imagery of hummingbirds as a prophetic sign to us both months before I came. For me, hummingbird imagery was longing to go back to a place in Latin America where I felt fully alive, and God’s power to bring resurrection. For her, hummingbird imagery related to the nearness of God. This shared prophetic sign has strengthened our collaboration.
  • I taught English to Latin American and Central American children in DC for 6 years. Coming to Brazil, my Portuguese teachers and 4 and 8 years old.
  • In 99% of situations, I’ve come to prophesy in simple clothes (t shirt, sandals, soft pants). God has used the informality to attract people with the right intentions, who are hungry for Jesus and not for Christian celebrity. He has satisfied their hunger better through conversational accessibility than formal ministry contexts.
  • In Brazil, God sent me to a school and not a church as a facilitating organization. As I just spent the last 6 years in the classroom, I know exactly the kind of stress these teachers are facing. God has prepared to meet them where they are at.
  • I have been going through this process mostly on my own cost. The people who have been the most financially generous to support me generally have had the least to give.

As I travel, God has shown me the radical effect that a well timed prophetic word can have on an individual who is struggling. I’m praying that God would answer the people’s silent prayers through me.

Even More People: Glimpses of Singapore and Brazil


The first time I met my friend Delphne, directly before she washed my feet as a part of a foot washing ceremony. She is a gift.


Even more pictures here!

Fundraising and Cost, From Uncertainty to Redirection

There is no such thing as partial cost. Whatever sacrifice we bring before God requires everything. In choosing to die to your own rights, you bring Jesus a sacrifice worthy of who he is and allow him to move through your life in power. In choosing to die, we wait for Jesus to lift us up and learn to hear his song of celebration over us.

I have been assuming most of the cost for this time of travel and ministry out of my own personal savings. God mightily used this time of waiting on provision to free me up from anxiety about my future. In spite of the waiting on provision, the Lord has given me confidence through my dreams that he will provide the finances for continued ministry.

While I have mostly relied on my own savings to finance what I am doing in ministry, in order to move forward, I need the support of others who are willing to share the cost.

Fundraising for Seminary

In June, I will go attend my 3rd summer of classes at Virginia Theological Seminary for a Doctor of Educational Ministry in Educational Leadership degree. In a nutshell, the D.Ed.Min. is a “professional degree oriented towards increased excellence in educational leadership and ministry to shape minds and culture in schools, universities, churches, judicatories, and other educational settings” (VTS, 2020). Since I started my degree during the pandemic, this year I will attend my first 3 week term on campus! This summer will also be my last term of full coursework before I start my thesis.

Ultimately, my greatest passion and calling is to develop healthy environments and teaching for the the Acts 2:17 Generation, a collection of youth who will walk in miracles, signs, and wonders internationally. In various nations, the Lord wants to develop healthy greenhouses for these children by preparing adults, teens, and youth to lead them. To provide a healthy place for a child means to support its’ entire family system, empowering God’s children across generations. I believe that his degree will equip to me to support healthy organizational cultures internationally and provide a bridge for me to minister within more traditional contexts.

In order to pay for my coursework this year, I need to raise about $4000 USD. In order to offset costs, I have taken a summer job as a Residential Assistant (Proctor), helping make sure other students have what they need to be successful in terms of food and housing. In this role, I am most excited to pray over students’ rooms and communal areas to sow encounter, and hope to answer the questions they have already been raising with me about experiencing God.

Will you consider sharing the cost and fruit of me going seminary? Click this link to sow via GoFundme.

Staying in Brazil as a Missionary

Lately, God has been asking me what I want most this coming year. In pursuing healing, in trusting God with the future, God keeps asking me, “What is it that you want most?” As I trust him with my future, God has shown me that my coming year needs to be more about the heart than the mind.

Up until this point, in the fall, I wanted to attend the University of Edinburgh’s 1 year Taught Master’s Degree in World Christianity. I will always love history, and I hope that God will allow me to complete this degree (or something similar) in the future. However, what I need more than writing more papers is to be in community.

With this dream and several others, the Lord has made it clear that letting go is not the same as giving up.

Often in my life, when the size of my dreams has grown quickly, God has me skip over several potential steps in order to pursue an even greater goal. This happened in 2020, when I sought a scholarship that would have helped me pay for my current seminary degree. However, this scholarship would have rooted me in the East Coast for most of a decade, and caused me to miss God’s timings.

I was able to return to Latin America about 10 days ago, and I am currently writing this post from Brazil. I can tell you that while I’ve traveled to various places, I have not intuited the emotions of the land as easily as when my feet have been on Latin American soil. I remembered that sense of resonance from when I first got saved about 8 years ago in Chile, and was really hoping that it would come back. Being back on Latin American soil is a relief and a blessing. I feel that I am able to breathe for the first time in 5 months, since I decided to follow Jesus into the unknown.

Personality-wise, I was hoping that my intensity would find a steady home in this continent, which I’ve struggled to find in North America. About 7 months ago, I received a prophet word from Emma Stark about returning to Latin America and a calling God has given me to deliverance ministry. In prophesying my call to Latin America, Emma Stark said, “You actually have the fire, and the passion, and the determination for Latin America. And you have the breakthrough anointing for there as well.” Since I’ve been in Brazil, my emotions are aligned to the emotiveness of the people. I can blend in and not stress about overwhelming people or mincing words. I am well received and genuinely chosen by the people, whose internal alignment resonates with mine. Being here has given me freedom to relate to God’s emotion’s more deeply and in a way that feels so much lighter. As I rest in the Lord in this region of calling, he is polishing aspects of my personality (like strength, passion, and freedom) to be a gift to the rest of the body of Christ. The people are an answer to my prayers for Community, Family, Stability, and Provision.

In my next season, I prayed for an opportunity to teach a wide variety of people about how God speaks, from adults, teens, and children. Here, I have that opportunity. I am hoping to stay in this region for at least another 3-6 months to partner with what God is doing in this school and to connect with more churches in this region. I love being here. For the time being, I don’t want to leave until I have a very good reason. I am expecting God to externally send an opportunity when the time comes to leave, so it is externally obvious.

I will be at seminary from Mid-June until Early July. Then, I will visit a friend in Toronto while I finish my final papers for my summer courses. In August, I hope to return to Brazil to work with adults, teens, and children indefinitely, until God calls me elsewhere.

Would you consider partnering supporting my prophetic ministry in Brazil?

Other Big Learns

Here are some other big realizations from this month, mostly related to setting a healthy foundation for ministry.

  • Being more active in prophetic ministry means learning how to pull on the weighty glory of God to do all that he has called us to do.
  • When we are secure in our calling, God gives us the capacity to wear our authority alongside others.
  • Sometimes when people are opposing you out of jealousy and rejection, it is easier to win them over by including them and befriending them.
  • When that doesn’t work, stronger boundaries may be necessary…
  • Encountering humility and dependence liberates people who are trapped in comparison.
  • Remain obstinate in generosity, worship, and generosity until you see breakthrough.
  • The more free you get, the more costly the worship.
  • Allow separation and allow God to be your qualification. Tune your ears and eyes to hear him singing over yourself and others. Join him singing in liberation and watch people get free.
  • When older ministers expect you to “pay your dues” in order to be accepted, they probably aren’t healed.
  • When you are trying to build community, start with the most approachable people and build outwards from there.
  • Watch what the angels are doing in a room to know how and to whom to minister.
  • Talk to non-Christians like the spiritual realm is a given, they will likely have plenty of personal experiences to draw from.
  • Atheists can be incredibly easy to work with, because at least they know their own minds.
  • Honoring other people (honor where honor is due) doesn’t just keep us from their resentment, but it keeps us out of pride and preserves our lives. This is the same attitude I saw my mother model when she baked plates of cookies for her student workers and consistently treated the maintenance workers at her greenhouses to lunch.
  • Tell people “no” when you are tired! Performance is evil.
  • Do not get distracted when other’s expectation is too low or too high. Redirect them to Jesus, to hearing him for themselves, and do only the part that is yours to do.
  • When you know a seismic shift is coming, pray for more faith to be able to receive it.
  • When you feel inadequate, just quietly pray for more grace and trust God to show up. None of us qualify. His grace will carry you through like it did in the beginning, when you first chose him.
  • Overcoming rawness and heaviness means receiving Jesus’ invitation to die and surrendering your rights so that you can love more. Rest, pray off the heaviness and rawness, and enter into what he is doing.
  • Every day, we have a choice whether we will allow God to show us that we are worthy, qualified, celebrated by him. And then, we have a choice to surrender to his agenda.

I’ve really Changed

From October until now, you can visually see that transition has been good, even if transition has cost.

Articles this Month

Prayer Requests

  • To grow in maturity as I grow in capacity, more of Jesus above all else
  • Grace, Holy Spirit recruitment, tech graces, joy, stamina for a Teens Prophetic Nest
  • Provision for seminary, to return to Brazil
  • Grace for prophesy, prophetic teaching, healing ministry, and whatever wild other things God wants to do
  • Grace to continue modeling humility instead of Christian celebrity in a region that the West has yet to serve as equals
  • More of God’s favor, healing, and lovingkindness
  • To truly be 100% satisfied in God in waiting
  • God’s perfect will over timings, geography, ministry alignments, relationships, and future

Published by Haley Nus

Hello! Formerly of Kansas, and Washington, DC, I am an emerging voice in Holy Spirit-led youth ministry. This site contains emergent apostolic strategy, prophetic words, and tutorials for the interdenominational, international, and charismatic Church and Educational Sector. Check out more on my journey with 5-fold ministry, doctoral study, and travel through my Monthly Summaries. I take Jesus's invitation to welcome children in his name (Luke 9:48) and Jesus's exhortation to become like children literally (Mathew 18:3). In order to shape the world well for adults, we must serve the youngest among us so that we will truly understand who we are as sons and daughters (2 Corinthians 6:18).]

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