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September 2021 Monthly Summary

This month, the majority of my energy was shared between two different areas: in support of my city and in supporting my students to adjust to the new school year. An Energetic Return Ministry at Work As the school year has inched towards normalcy, I’ve noticed increasing levels of favor with students in other grades,Continue reading “September 2021 Monthly Summary”

August 2021 Monthly Summary

For me, August had each foot in very different continents: the left foot stood in visiting family, while the right foot firmly stepped into the new school year. Visiting Family in the Pacific Northwest In visiting my family, I saw mountains in every city I stopped through. I saw my mom and sister, Dad andContinue reading “August 2021 Monthly Summary”

July 2021 Monthly Summary

Last month, I was inundated by God’s kindness, generosity, and nurture. Today I am flying out to visit family in the Pacific Northwest for several weeks, but not without first celebrating the goodness of God. Simple Pleasures Spending time in the pool Spending time near the creek Weaving flower crowns out of Texas hill countryContinue reading “July 2021 Monthly Summary”

June 2021 Monthly Summary

Ahh, June. The time of year when today’s passing thoughts birth next year’s curriculum, When the flies remind us that DC was built on a swamp, When yesterday’s midday walks shift into evening, For the fragrance of Jasmine flowers and lack of sunburns, When alarm clocks are respected, then dismissed, then dishonored, A time ofContinue reading “June 2021 Monthly Summary”