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June 2021 Monthly Summary

Ahh, June. The time of year when today’s passing thoughts birth next year’s curriculum, When the flies remind us that DC was built on a swamp, When yesterday’s midday walks shift into evening, For the fragrance of Jasmine flowers and lack of sunburns, When alarm clocks are respected, then dismissed, then dishonored, A time ofContinue reading “June 2021 Monthly Summary”


March 2021 Monthly Summary

March was full, sweet, and sour. Some hints of rest, lots to consider, and some weighty concerns for prayer. Simple Pleasures Being on Spring Break! March 26th was my 7 year Jesus-versary Seeing my students hungry to know more about God. Our lunch period frequently turns into a student-led theology block where they bring meContinue reading “March 2021 Monthly Summary”

February 2021 Monthly Summary

Let me share a visual summary of where God took me in February! Some things are new, some things are old, many things are fabulous. The Kids are Alright ( and Some of My Favorite Projects this Month) Since we’ve gotten back into the classroom this month, things are continuing to get better and better!Continue reading “February 2021 Monthly Summary”