Current (Professional) Goals

How can both justice and righteousness shape the next generation of Christian institutions?

Doctorate of Educational Leadership in Educational Ministry (D.Ed.Min.)

After nearly a year of discernment and writing applications, in April 2020 I began part time coursework for a D.Ed.Min. degree at Virginia Theological summary. I was drawn to the dynamic nature of this degree as someone who hopes to strengthen and found Christian educational institutions, churches, and international organizations. In a nutshell, the D.Ed.Min. is a “professional degree oriented towards increased excellence in educational leadership and ministry to shape minds and culture in schools, universities, churches, judicatories, and other educational settings” (VTS, 2020). While I believe that good doctrine is essential for institutional health, I am hoping that this degree will help me learn to develop institutional cultures that are committed to transformative consecration to God and that walk in the full empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

Teaching 3rd and 4th grades at a nearby Bilingual Catholic School

In August 2020, I joined a local bilingual Catholic School as a 3rd and 4th grade teacher. While I teach in English, I have been grateful to use my fluent Spanish to communicate with students, staff, and families as I did working in D.C.P.S. (District of Columbia Public Schools). In addition to other subjects, I have been able to help teach and develop Religion curriculum for my students in this new role! After a warm welcome by staff I have also been able to share ideas for COVID-19 related classroom design and organization, as well as train fellow teachers on using Vocabulary A-Z resources in their lessons. Even after such a long searching process, I didn’t expect to find this amount of genuine kindness in my new school community, and I am so grateful for the balance and encouragement it has brought to my life.

Year 2, Emerging Prophets Program, Global Prophetic Alliance

I am currently a year two student in the GPA’s Emerging Prophet’s program. This program specifically seeks to support those with the emerging call to the office of a New Testament Prophet. We meet synchronously over Zoom and asynchronously for trainings, and use online community groups for greater sharpening. There are also twice yearly retreats in Glasgow, Scotland. I am very proud and honored to get to join such a fiery and passionate group of prophets and to receive training for greater service to God!

Past Goals

Center for Inspired Teaching Fellow

In 2016, I relocated from Lawrence, KS for the Center for Inspired Teaching’s residency program. Joining a group of approximately 20 other fellows from a variety of ages and backgrounds, we completed a course of study that focused on developing students’ critical thinking, using high engagement teaching methods, action research, and emotionally responsive classroom management. This program included one year of gradual-release style classroom training, two years of mentorship, and an alumni network with ongoing training opportunities.

Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education

In 2018, I received a M.A.T. in Early Childhood Education from Trinity Washington University. As a full time student and full time teacher, I often lingered in Trinity’s Main Hall Chapel to rest and pray before classes. My professor’s attention to detail and creativity challenged me to utilize various modalities, and I am grateful for the support they gave in guiding my Action Research on Emotional Affect and Mathematical Performance.

B.A. in Psychology

I attended the University of Kansas (KU) from 2012-2016, graduating with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology. Some of my favorite memories from K.U. were participating in Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, living in Sellards Scholarship Hall, singing with the Inspirational Gospel Voices of KU, tutoring as an America Reads Tutor, studying abroad in Valpariso, Chile, and taking honors level or graduate courses in Hybrid Research Methods, Linguistics, African American Studies and American Studies, Nonprofit Management. I ultimately chose to pursue a degree in Psychology over Education because I believe students in 21st century classrooms have an enormous need for emotionally aware teachers, and decided to make training in this domain a priority over the skills I would have received (at that time) in a more traditional teacher training program. In working in D.C Public schools, charter schools, and religious schools, this choice has served me well.

Some of my Favorite Places Around D.C.

Although my experiences of D.C. have doubtlessly been shaped by my ethnicity, through prayer and my work as an educator, I pray that my presence will bless this territory, and not simply add to injustice through gentrification.

A painful reminder of the racially segregated nature of D.C..

Why D.C.?

Since coming to D.C. nearly five years ago, I have come to understand this territory as a precursor and even origin of the social and spiritual dysfunction currently facing the United States. With almost two thirds of D.C. residents born outside of the city (and many as immigrants), D.C. is a microcosm of America and much of the the world, embedded in an East Coast culture that focuses heavily on ambition and self-promotion. In spite of its status as our nation’s capital, the District of Columbia’s racial disparities demonstrate the fragmented state of both American public policies and American spiritual poverty. Click here to see a map of 2010 Census Data demonstrating the racially divided nature of D.C.. Nevertheless, I believe that God in his goodness wants to revive and manifest his glory in this region. Please join us in interceding for the United States and praying for God to manifest his Kingdom, starting in Washington, D.C.!

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