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Prophetic Storytelling: Fall 2022-2023, Prophets of the Blank Page

Today I want to tell a story from this past week that illustrates what I believe God will do in his prophets from now until fall 2023. Last Sunday 9/25, I aspired to start the Hebrew new year as blamelessly as possible. Just days before, I had confessed some lingering pain to a safe friendContinue reading “Prophetic Storytelling: Fall 2022-2023, Prophets of the Blank Page”


September 2022 Monthly Summary

This September, God has been pouring out grace upon grace for inner healing. I’m tremendously grateful, even though it’s been a grind. One of my favorite parts of September has been spending Fridays with my sister, going thrift shopping, adventuring outdoors, watching movies, and getting dinner. Even though I’ve had to be really careful withContinue reading “September 2022 Monthly Summary”

Japan: Set Free by Truth in Your Innermost Parts

Co-written with Chris Henstone, Tania Angel + London Prophetic Roundtable The Spirit of the Lord says, “Japan, these are the words of the one who is Trustworthy, the One True God. I know you as a nation who values the truth about who I am. While other nations have not been able to bear substantialContinue reading “Japan: Set Free by Truth in Your Innermost Parts”

Raising Young Prophets: Apostolic Responsibility, Ages, and Stages

Last week, I wrote about families, schools, and churches that are called to teach and train adults and youth in the gift of prophesy. Today, I am writing about regional Apostolic Centers who have a mandate to train youth (ages 12-13+) in the Ephesians 4:11 leadership office of a Prophet. So Christ himself gave the apostles, theContinue reading “Raising Young Prophets: Apostolic Responsibility, Ages, and Stages”