Blessings for the Valley of Decision

Now that many of us have emerged from the external solitude of COVID-19, some of us may still find that internally, we are still in the desert. For many Christians, this feeling of uncertainty is much like the uncertainty of coming to faith for the first time, when people are said to go through “theContinue reading “Blessings for the Valley of Decision”

September Monthly Summary

This month, the majority of my energy was shared between two different areas: in support of my city and in supporting my students to adjust to the new school year. An Energetic Return Ministry at Work As the school year has inched towards normalcy, I’ve noticed increasing levels of favor with students in other grades,Continue reading “September Monthly Summary”

May/June Inquiry Projects: Differentiating to Supporting All Students

From “Experiment” to Two Grade Levels of Inquiry Last year, my students did an abundance of research on topics of their own choosing, through Inquiry Projects. My initial goal in developing the Inquiry Projects was to give students’ something other than COVID to define and brighten their experience of distance learning. Throughout the year, theContinue reading “May/June Inquiry Projects: Differentiating to Supporting All Students”

Teaching Unconditional Surrender: Worshipping God through Mary’s historical context and Magnificat Prayer

As a Protestant teaching in a Catholic education setting, I led students last May into a topic that should be valuable to Christians of all denominations: a historical understanding of Mary. While Mary is widely known as the mother of Jesus and as a symbol of someone who radically trusted God, most people have littleContinue reading “Teaching Unconditional Surrender: Worshipping God through Mary’s historical context and Magnificat Prayer”

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